We provide services to different industrial sectors. We are a technified, agile and versatile company that adapts to the needs.

Sheet metal machining

  • Iron from 0.5 to 15mm
  • Galvanized: 0.5 to 3mm
  • Inox304-316: 0.5 to 12mm
  • Aluminum : 0.5 to 8mm
Punching machine: Variety in dies and punches for thicknesses up to 3mm. Shearing machine:
  • Max length : 3000mm
  • Fe/Galv: up to 6mm
  • Inox: up to 3mm

Sheet metal forming

Bending machine 120 Tons 
Folding machine 100 Tons
Folder 45 Tons.

Wide availability of dies and punches.

For curved finishing and bending of small and medium size parts.

Max. width: 1000mm
Max thickness: 3mm


Bench manufacturing

    • Cutting and welding of any type of standard longitudinal format


TIG /MIG welding

    • TIG /MIG welding
      • Welding of single pieces and/or series
      • Welding of single pieces and/or series

      Pin welding and fastening of inserts.

      • Welding of accessories in Fe, inox 
      • Welding of accessories in Fe, inox