Metal Stamping

Since 1972, Industrias IMA has offered a global service in terms of metal stamping from the die conception to the final product.

We design and produce the pieces according to our customers’ needs, by ensuring a high-degree quality and optimizing production costs.

We are specialists in the manufacture of high precision parts (micro stamping) in small, medium and large series.

Our procedures offer complete flexibility and adaptability to our customers’ needs.

We work with many different materials (stainless steel, brass, iron, copper, bronze) and distinct thicknesses (we manufacture pieces in 6 microns aluminium).

We offer our clients the supply of completely finished products:

  • We do second operations: welding, bending, shearing, drilling, threading…
  • We assemble in-house the parts or sub-parts.

For surface finishing we have an extensive portfolio of suppliers to fulfil the needs of different clients and the quality requirements of each product: galvanizing, tin-plating, chrome-plating, polishing, painting…